iStock_000005055439SmallWhen it comes to providing Eugene with the highest quality dental practices, our dentist Dr. Michael Furgason at Eugene Smiles constantly seeks out the latest dental techniques and technologies in order to advance our patient service and satisfaction. One of the areas where we continue to make great strides is in replacing traditional radiography X-rays with digital X-rays.

Why is this such a big deal for Eugene Smiles and our Eugene patients? For starters, digital X-rays offer:


  • Increased Safety – Digital X-rays involve less radiation, which can have an adverse effect on patient health in the long-term. This is especially the case for pregnant women or patients already suffering from illness or disease. Digital x-rays reduce the amount of radiation exposure by 70% to 80%!
  • Reduced Risk – Digital X-ray technology allows our dentists to spot oral issues that require treatment without being as invasive as before—meaning less risk to the patient with radiation exposure, while the dentist knows exactly what to aim for in follow-up procedures.
  • More Convenience – The convenience factor affects both our patients and dentists when it comes to digital X-rays. Our dentists have an easier time viewing the patient’s teeth from numerous angles and have easier access to X-ray files at all times. Patients benefit through more accurate diagnosis of their conditions, which means treatment can be determined and applied more quickly, saving them potential pain and extra costs in the long run.
  • Higher Quality – Digital X-rays offer superior imaging with more detailed images that give our dentists a clearer idea of the patient’s current dental state and helps them detect and diagnose possibly threatening conditions earlier. We can zoom in and otherwise manipulate the X-rays to get close-ups without sacrificing image quality. This also aids in early detection and diagnosis.


At Eugene Smiles, by offering digital x-ray technology to our Eugene dental patients, our patients are able to be diagnosed early, more accurately, and with much less risk than those dental offices that utilize traditional film x-rays.

Do you need to come in for a digital X-ray scan? Don’t delay! Contact Eugene Smiles today to set up an appointment!